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Feb 6th, 2012 The Problems of Bad Breath in Central London Get in touch

2464492_blogDo you find that people are forgetting to post party invitations to you? Does your partner kiss you with a wince on their face? Do children run away from you and aircraft take off early without you, even before you’ve checked in?

Well there is more than a slim chance that you may be suffering in central London from bad breath and what is so sad, especially if you live alone, is that unless some comely friend has the guts to point out the fact that your breath stinks, you may never be aware of the problem until you sit down again in front of your dentist- because they will certainly point it out.

Bad breath can be caused by so many factors, but the problem generally arises from two areas, the mouth and further into the stomach area of the body. The mouth relies on good oral hygiene but take this away whilst coupling it with some pretty seedy habits such as smoking and drinking, and you are already going to risk tooth decay and gum disease, which can give off some pretty pungent aromas.

Combine these with having a poor diet, and you will be offending one of your body’s greatest assets- your immune system. This can lead to your mouth drying out and leaving you bereft of saliva- the natural defence against oral decay and bacteria. This can be attacked in many ways, so you should work out a way, with your dentist, to change your habits and lifestyle.

If you have done everything and still you breathe like a shark, then the problem could be gastric, indicating more serious scenarios going on inside of you and an appointment with your doctor may be necessary.

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