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Jul 25th, 2011 The problems of the TMJ in the City of London Get in touch

All dentists in the city of London are aware of the relationship between your teeth and the rest of your body. Keeping your teeth and gums healthy and free from complications can protect your body from diabetes, liver problems and heart disease later in life. But apart from this, one of the prime directives behind dental treatments is to also ensure that you have a healthy occlusion in your mouth- the way your jaws meet or ‘bite’ together. This is to limit the amount of stress placed upon the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). We probably take for granted the way we chat and chew during the day and all these actions bear down on two tiny jaw joints held in place by a series of cartilage and muscles. Keeping the bite true is the first way of protecting this joint. The second way is to address any signs of teeth grinding. If these problems go unchecked, the joint can become worn overtime, causing the jaw to click and become inflamed when using the mouth for the most basic of functions. Further damage can lead to tinnitus in the ears, headaches and damage to the neck and upper back. Initial treatments for the occlusion will involve correction of the teeth with a brace or an aligner; grinding can be checked by stress management and gum-shields. But if the damage to the jaw has already set in, surgery will be required to reverse the damage done, where possible.

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