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Aug 17th, 2010 The protective nature of dental crowns from London W1 dentist Get in touch

You have probably all heard of dental crowns but you may not know exactly what they are and what they can do for your teeth. Our teeth are constantly under attack from plaque and acid and bacteria that lives in the mouth. The mouth and surfaces of the teeth are the perfect warm and moist place for bacteria to thrive and the acid they release will eventually begin to erode the teeth. This will cause cavities that can lead to the development of an infection on the inside of the tooth. If the dentist catches this decay early enough it may be possible to fill the cavity with dental bonding in a procedure called a filling. However, if the tooth is damaged beyond this state you may need a root canal treatment to remove the infection from the sensitive area at the centre of the tooth.

After this treatment has been carried out, the tooth will then need a dental crown to protect it from further damage. A crown is a specially designed cap, made of porcelain or porcelain and metal, that is cemented over the top of the tooth covering all the area exposed above the gum. This will then act as barrier to further decay and allow the tooth to function as normal.

Dental crowns are also used to repair teeth that have been damaged during an accident. Dental trauma such as breaks and chips can be very serious and a dental crown may be the only option to prevent a great deal of further pain and treatment. Dental crowns from London W1 dentists are also used in cosmetic repair work such as dental bridges.

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