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Dec 14th, 2011 The reason behind Periodontal Examinations in Central London Get in touch

When you go down to your dentists for your check-up in central London, they will normally give you the once over, give you a quick clean, fix any minor problems you may have been having and send you packing. However, if you are showing signs of something more sinister, they will recommend that you should have a periodontal examination. This is essentially a complete MOT for your teeth and gums and is designed to check for a myriad of problems in the mouth. This examination will check for loose teeth to ensure your occlusion is still in good working order. It will also show up any signs of problems in your gums such as disease receding gums and if there is any space between gums and teeth- deep pockets. Essentially it also to check for any signs of periodontal disease and then work out what is best to resolve all the above issues through corrective treatments. Deep X-rays can reveal all sorts of problems from the top of the tooth downwards into the jaw and any sinus or jaw joint issues, but a full periodontal examination is also designed to probe for other problems such as conditions that could lead to oral cancer.

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