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Jul 26th, 2013 The Remedy For Tooth Loss In West London: Dental Bridges Get in touch

1850575_blogFor years now, the dental bridge has been used in west London to help people overcome tooth loss; it has come in many shapes and sizes in the past, sometimes using resin and wires, other times being cemented onto surrounding teeth. In both cases, the ‘new’ tooth, sits on top of the gum, whilst filling in for the lost tooth. This can make it tricky to clean when it is first fitted, but you need to get this right from the off in order to avoid further complications from the bacteria that can grow from food stuck underneath. The design of dental bridges though has evolved over the years and the resin and wire methods have rather been a little side-lined in favour of mini dental implants used alongside bridges. An implant is located into the jaw-bone and once there, it is a solid anchor to hold the bridge into place; aside from giving extra security for the wearer, durability is greatly improved and as long as you care for the bridge, you should get a good 20 years of service from it. Bridges also look incredibly natural once they are in, and aside from their vanity value, they will help ensure the future health of your mouth.

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