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Dec 28th, 2011 The Remedy of Missing Teeth in London W1 Get in touch

Losing a tooth is always going to be a problem at the best of times, not only from an aesthetic angle, but from a health one too. Tooth loss can lead to further complications with the remaining teeth moving into the gap and also causing the outbreak of infection and gum disease. This might be the time to consider getting the gap filled for the sake of your oral health and there are quite a few ways to do this in London W1. Having a dental implant fitted is as strong as the original root and less prone to infection- to this you have the new tooth fitted and it will be there pretty much for life. Partial dentures are a way to go, but if you are only missing a single tooth, and are a bit strapped for cash, a dental bridge is the way to go, the new ‘filling’ will be bonded to two crowns that are then cemented onto the adjacent teeth either side of the hole; for extra strength, they can also be located onto a mini implant. They don’t come without their problems as they are notoriously hard to clean at first, but once you have this issue sorted, they are a great replacement and will give you at least 15 good years. In all cases, these treatments will always put that lovely smile back on your face.

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