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Feb 16th, 2012 The Right Food for Your Teeth in West London Get in touch

2429879_blogOne of the best ways you can look after your teeth in west London, aside from the way you brush and floss, is to maintain a balanced, healthy diet in order to give your immune system the zing it requires to fight off anything bad that threatens your mouth and body.

Vegetables, especially when eaten raw, are excellent for this as they help build up vitamin A, a great ally for tooth enamel. Fruit is excellent for vitamin C, and particular fruit such as kiwi and cranberry are great for strong healthy gums.

Then you move into the area of calcium supplements like milk, cheese and yoghurts to give strength to the teeth. And if you can balance this every week with your normal diet of beef, chicken eggs and fish, you will be building up a tremendous vitamin D wall to fight against bacteria.

To cap it off, if you dink plenty of green tea and water, and incorporate herbal products into your oral hygiene program each day, you are giving your teeth and gums the ultimate chance of survival in a world dental plaque and bacteria. Most dentists will be able to supply you with a list of foods and drinks specifically aimed at your at your oral health and to enhance the care for your teeth and gums

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