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Feb 22nd, 2011 The Rise in Popularity of Dental Implants in London W1 Get in touch

2977218_blogThere are great treatments flying around dental surgeries in the London W1 area designed at covering the problem of tooth loss.

Bridges and crowns, and even dentures were for a very long time top of the choices, although there was another lurking around in the background- dental implants. However, this was a very complex operation to do, very expensive and so, very exclusive and it would take over half a year to complete because of the healing process- it was all drills and scalpels back then.

But then along came the computer and the laser that was soon fed into dental implant surgery and the procedure became so refined and quick, that you can now have multiple implants done in a day. Once you have had them fitted, and your gums have healed, you are then fitted with a completely, stunning new set of teeth that will be as strong as the ones you once had.

An implant is a small titanium rod that is screwed into the jaw bone to act as the new root and being so strong, it should be there for life, being the base to attach anything you like to. All of these new techniques in implant technology have meant that it has become available in most surgeries around the city because it is now so easy to perform, and this has seen a rapid drop in price. So aside from how slick the treatment has become and the costs involved, its popularity has risen dramatically to become the most preferred option to overcome tooth loss.

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