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Feb 23rd, 2012 The Role of Sucrose Substitutes in Central London Get in touch

302075_blogSugar is a wonderful thing and anywhere you go in central London, you can find some food or drink that has sugar added to it.

It is the substance that gives zing to anything we put in our mouths, but, alas, like anything else that we love, it also has a destructive element to it as well.

Too much sugar or sucrose over time can not only cause damage to the teeth, but also cause diabetes and so it should be used sparingly where possible. This could be the reason why sucrose substitutes are on the rise, that and the amazing fact that certain substitutes can actually enhance the health of teeth and body. The food and drink industry has also been quick to understand this and sugar is starting to be replaced by sugar substitutes.

You can see it more in fizzy drinks and confectionary, especially in chewing gum, candy and chocolate and it really doesn’t taste any different either. There are many variations on the theme, with the most common being saccharin, which is commonly used in hot drinks and is great for diets.

Others are herbal based and do not release the acids that sugar does, in fact, they can actually help to re-mineralize the enamel of the teeth and prevent tooth decay, but the greatest relief comes to those who suffer from diabetes. Sucrose substitutes are everywhere and if you do your homework, you can start buying products that will help you care for your teeth and body.

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