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Sep 21st, 2012 The silent killer in the City of London – Sleep Apnea Get in touch

When you have had a busy day in the city of London, it’s great to get home, relax and have good night’s sleep to get ready for the next day. If however the next day, you are feeling drowsy, it means something is going wrong in your sleep and that you may be suffering from sleep apnea, and it’s a problem that can happen at any age. When we sleep, the body goes into automatic and the three major organs ‘kick-in’ to get you through your sleep. The brain sends signals to the lungs in order to regulate your breathing and in turn, this pumps the blood and oxygen around the body and through into the heart to regulate the heartbeat. If at any point the breathing is obstructed, it can cause a breakdown in the system and put extra stress on the way the heart beats and over a sustained period, it can fail. People that are prone to this type of problem are those that are obese, drink and smoke or those that have had some damage to the nervous system that can choke up the signals sent from the brain. In all cases, it is important to keep the airways open to allow the body to function whilst sleeping. The dentist can supply devices that help breathing, or if it is really bad, an operation may be required. Knowing when we suffer from it that is difficult to define, especially if you live alone, but if you have the above symptoms, then you may need to see the doctor in order to analyse and monitor the way you sleep at nights: in the long term, it is a condition that could end up killing you.

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