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Feb 16th, 2010 The six month smile by a City of London dentist Get in touch

The six month brace isn’t what it appears to be at first glance, it isn’t a smile that lasts for six months. It is a method giving conscious people a smile they have always wanted, and in only six months. It isn’t recommended for most people under 16 years old, but it has become extremely popular with adults of all ages. Most of us suffer in silence at having badly aligned teeth or gaps, we constantly avoid eye contact with people, and in extreme cases we even cover our mouths when chatting. That is now all in the past with the methods that have been developed to re-align our misshapen teeth in just six months, and less in some cases. The treatment uses an almost invisible brace that works on educating the teeth; it does this by guiding the crooked and gapped teeth into alignment. The success rate is quite spectacular say a City of London dentist and it is becoming increasingly more favourable with career adults. The method that is most popular is the Invisalign system which uses a brace that the patient has complete control over, the device is renewed every two weeks and allows the patient to remove it daily for cleaning teeth, eating and drinking. This is a God send for many career people in sales who need to be able to socialise and network without the appearance of a visible conventional metal brace. The device works the same as a common brace in that it pulls and pushes the teeth into the desired alignment. It does need the patient to be much disciplined though and the more it is worn each day, the quicker and better the results.

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