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May 18th, 2011 The Super-Quick Inman Aligner in London W1 Get in touch

You’d probably need to be a bit of an engineer to work out what a labial bar or lingual coil spring is, so let’s make it easy for you; these are the two prime ingredients of the new mechanical wonder that is the Inman aligner. This device laughs at those front, ‘Easter bunny’ teeth in your mouth, and then, with extreme efficiency and speed, straightens them in a blink of the eye. The spring works by pushing your teeth from the outside, whilst the bar works in the opposite way by pushing the teeth from the inside- setting up forces that keep the teeth on the go, all the time it’s worn. It’s because of this continuous motion of the teeth, they move into position fast; this device openly boasts of success in as quickly as 5-6 weeks! It only needs to be worn for a maximum of 22 hours in the day, so you can remove it to clean your teeth or when you eat, making it a very healthy aligner to wear. When the treatment is complete, you will have to wear a retainer at night for a while to stop the teeth having the desire to move back. Not everyone in London W1 can wear one, especially for extensive teeth aligning- the very design of the mechanism means it can only work on the top and bottom four front teeth, but if you find it’s the one you need, then take a look at the price too; it’s remarkably cheap for the wonderfully quick results that it gives.

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