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Jun 26th, 2014 The Swift Simpli5 Straight Smile Solution Get in touch

iStock_000005654093SmallIf you’re looking for a quick and discreet orthodontic treatment, which will also give you an amazing, straight smile, allow us to introduce you to Simpli5.

This innovative aligner system uses a series of five custom-made aligners to reposition and align the teeth.

How does Simpli5 work?

Simpli5 treatment is planned in advance using state of the art software and the treatment plan is used to create five bespoke aligners. Each aligner is shaped slightly differently. The aligners work in a series, with each one in place for 2-4 weeks. You wear the aligners throughout the day and night and take them out when you eat and brush your teeth.

How long does Simpli5 treatment take?

Simpli5 treatment takes between 10 and 20 weeks, making this one of the swiftest orthodontic solutions around!

Who can benefit from Simpli5?

Simpli5 is ideally suited to patients who have minor orthodontic issues, which do not require intensive treatment. Simpli5 is a great choice for patients who want to make minor corrections to the alignment of their teeth with minimum fuss.

What are the advantages of Simpli5?

Simpli5 is a very quick and effective treatment and it also offers patients the chance to enjoy confidence through the treatment process, as the aligners are virtually invisible. Removable braces also give you more flexibility than traditional fixed braces and they make it easier to keep your braces and also your teeth and gums clean.

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