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Sep 27th, 2012 The thumb suckers of London W1 Get in touch

When a child is born in London’s W1, it will naturally do things that are for comfort, and one of these is thumb sucking. Now in the early years, this is not a bad thing as it not only makes a child feel safe and comfortable, but can help with teething issues and help to maintain saliva levels- the natural prevention against bacteria. It is only when a child gets its secondary teeth that problems can begin. Over sucking can help cause the new teeth to grow crooked, causing ‘bite’ problems and pain in the jaws, as well as affecting the oral cavity. Furthermore, constant thumb sucking can cause facial changes and leave the child talking with a lisp. Normally, a child would grow out of the habit, but in some cases they don’t. So really, you as a parent really need to wean your child of off this habit and that is easier said than done, because it can be hard to kick a habit. Psychology is one of the major deterrents used to stop thumb sucking by drumming into your child gently how bad it can be for them- this needs a delicate approach as it could easily turn to confrontation which would have the opposite effect. Some parents get their child to wear gloves at night, put something unpleasant tasting on the thumb, even proffer rewards to deter the problem- you can even buy special thumb guards for your children, which have been very successful and get results within weeks.

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