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Oct 26th, 2012 The wonder of Fluoride Toothpaste in Central London Get in touch

Over the past forty years or so, some people have been starting to question whether or not we need all of this fluoride floating around the system. In Central London, it is put into daily drinking water and of course more famously; it can be found in most toothpaste, available to buy in shops. The reasons to doubt fluoride have grown out of the fact that it can be very toxic and when it comes to children, they tend to swallow more than they brush with and too much can kill. It is also known to leave trace deposits in the brain that can lead to fluorosis, whilst over use can have actually can damage to the enamel of the teeth, the very reason it is put in toothpaste in the first place- to strengthen the enamel. Some Scandinavian countries have banned its use altogether. So, you may cry, why is it still used in toothpastes at all? Well like most things, as science has got better over the years, it has proved that some of the things we have used for decades aren’t necessarily good for us. Yet to side with fluoride, there is no doubting, and it has been proven, that it can help in the preventing of cavities forming on the surface of the teeth, as it revitalises and re-mineralizes the enamel of the teeth and helps prevent plaque from developing around the teeth, hence preventing gum disease and periodontal disease.

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