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Aug 13th, 2012 The wonder of the Digital X-ray in London Get in touch

There is no doubt about how X-rays have been an absolute godsend to all areas of the medical world in London and now with the advances in technology they have moved from photographic to digital which have brought even greater advantages. Dentistry has also been quick to embrace this new technology as x-rays are just as important for making quick evaluations when it comes to identifying problems such as tooth decay, bone loss, cracks and oral cancer. Digital x-rays do exactly the same job as older methods in revealing problems in the mouth, only far quicker. Once the image has been taken, it can be fed into a computer and flashed up onto the screen immediately which means that work can be undertaken straight away to rectify any problems that show up. The images can also be screened in 3-D and colour coded to give precise definition of the problem area. Another advantage of this form of imaging is that it can be stored far easier than old x-rays onto a file in the computer and can be accessed at any time. This also means that if any specialist work is required, the image can easily be accessed and e-mailed ahead to the person who is going to do the work you require. Finally, from a health angle, digital x-rays use far less radiation than photographic versions.


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