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Jul 21st, 2011 The wonder of Zoom Teeth Whitening in West London Get in touch

Zoom Teeth Whitening in west London has a lot to thank TV for. It came to a lot of peoples attention through popular make-over shows, but that’s not to impugn the quality of this treatment in anyway, the product is incredible. The first example of the product comes in the form of laser treatment. It’s cheap (around £100), it’s quick (around an hour) and it’s painless. Once in the chair, your gums and tongue are covered for protection and then a bleaching gel coated on the teeth, which are then ‘zapped’ with a heat light. This is followed quickly by two more treatments and you leave the surgery an hour later with an incredibly natural whiteness to your teeth. The treatment is quite resistant to staining, but you can have an easy top up session if required. But Zoom also offer home bleaching kits too, supplying custom made bleaching trays and the agent to treat yourself with at home. Once completed you return to the dentist for a quick light cure. Again, the affects are remarkable. Like any of these bleaching treatments, they can only be carried out if the gums are free of disease, so any signs of gum disease would need to be eradicated first before you can have your teeth whitened by Zoom.

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