The Wonders of CEREC in London’s W1 March 2nd, 2011

CEREC treatment is the finest example of modern dental treatments around in London’s affluent and fast moving W1 today, of just how you can get some fantastic cosmetic work done in as little as 2 hours. Treatments such as veneers and crowns are wonderful for covering ungainly wear and tear and putting the smile back on your face, but the treatment often took a couple of weeks to complete because they had to be manufactured in a laboratory somewhere. But if you’re in a rush, need to get that contract, or need to get to an event looking the best you can, then CEREC is the answer to all your prayers- it’s a measure of how technology has advanced in dentistry. These fittings can be made while you wait, because they are manufactured in-house. When you opt for this treatment, your dentist will asses you by taking images of your teeth that are then fed into a computer. Then, this information is fed into a machine that will manufacture your new fitting, whilst your teeth are being prepared. You then walk out with a new set of teeth, ready for action and don’t be fooled into thinking that this treatment is any more expensive than the traditional way of carrying out this type of cosmetic work- because it isn’t. CEREC is becoming more widespread and cheaper because of its demand, yet takes the sting out of lengthy treatments.