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Dec 12th, 2011 The work of a Dental Hygienist in West London Get in touch

There was a time when a dentist would do pretty much everything that concerned your mouth in west London, but as they came to understand just how complex the mouth is, people started to branch off and specialize on certain areas of the mouth in such fields such as Endodontics and orthodontics, and thus we arrive at the work of dental hygienists. Most dental surgeries these days have one in-house and generally take on some of the more specialized work that the dentists can’t do or hasn’t the time to do. Such work of a hygienist is to keep the teeth clean and polished and healthy looking. This can involve deep scaling and planing of the roots, especially where there are signs of periodontal disease. But your hygienist can also administer preventative treatments such as attaching dental sealants to the surface of the teeth, applying fluoride onto your teeth and taking radiographs, but what they are best at is giving you advice on how to look after your teeth in the future.

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