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Mar 15th, 2011 The Workings of Digital X-rays in West London Get in touch

Fast diagnosis leads to fast treatment, and that can save your teeth from some very expensive restorative treatments in the future, and to help them in their fight, most dentists in west London are switching to digital X-rays. Old X-rays could often take a couple of weeks to develop, which can be ample time for a cavity to worsen. With digital, you can have an image on screen within a couple of minutes and not just a profile image, for it can be turned into a colour coded, 3-D image, giving pinpoint accuracy to where the problem lies, so allowing a swift diagnosis to be made for an immediate treatment. These are also a lot easier to store and cross-reference for future procedures that you may require in the future. That’s not to impugn or throw away the value of old X-rays, for these can also be scanned onto the computer and used in conjunction with digital images. But digital X-rays can also be used, as in MRI scans, to take images of the nerves and blood flow in the teeth and gums. This allows the dentist to make precise decisions when it comes to treatments like root canals or impacted wisdom teeth. It’s a wonderful measure of how technology is helping us to keep our mouths safe and healthy.

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