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Oct 2nd, 2014 The Years Could Slide Off With A London Smile Makeover Get in touch

iStock_000005654093SmallOne of the best ways to wipe years off is to treat your smile to a makeover. Nothing makes you look younger and more attractive than a stunning, white smile, so what are you waiting for? Your new smile could be just around the corner!

A smile makeover is a cosmetic dental treatment, which is made up of a series of different procedures and techniques, which are designed to produce a perfect looking smile. Every smile makeover is slightly different because patients have different needs and there is a wide range of treatments on offer to ensure the outcome is incredible.

The treatments

All patients have different ideas of what the perfect smile constitutes and varying dental and aesthetic needs, so the treatments that are chosen for smile makeovers vary each time. With a smile makeover, there are restorative, orthodontic and cosmetic treatments available and the makeover can be as minor or as radical as you like. Some patients simply want to address mild flaws and give their smile some added sparkle, while others need teeth repairing, orthodontic treatment for crooked teeth and even replacements for missing teeth. Common treatments include tooth whitening, veneers, cosmetic bonding, white fillings, porcelain crowns and cosmetic braces.

The length and cost of treatment can vary widely according to which treatments are required; some can be completed within an hour, while others take months, even years. Prices can range from below £100 for some treatments to thousands of pounds for others; your dentist will be able to give you details of costs and treatment times during the consultation stage.

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