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Aug 8th, 2014 There’s No Such Thing As Can’t With An Aqua Dental Implant Get in touch

529808_blogIf you’re tired of thinking that you can’t eat your favourite foods, you’re always at the back of photographs hiding your smile and you’ve been holding back going for that all-important promotion, first date or interview, we are ready to switch things up! With our dental implants, your ‘cant’s’ are about to become ‘cans’. It sounds extreme to say a dental treatment could change your life, but with dental implants, this really is a possibility!

What are dental implants and how could they help me?

Dental implants are the latest and greatest option in the world of tooth replacement. These innovative devices are designed to integrate into the jaw bone to replace the tooth root and once they are in position and have settled fully, they are attached to restorations to complete the replacement process. Implants are small posts, which are screwed into sockets in the jaw bone and they are compatible with crowns, dental bridges and dentures. The versatility of implants means that they are an appealing option for adults of all ages, as they can replace single teeth, multiple teeth or full arches of teeth.

Implants offer so many benefits for patients and they really can make a massive difference to quality of life. With implants, you can do everything you used to do when you had a full set of healthy teeth and you don’t need to worry about eating in public, speaking or even looking after your new teeth. Implants enable you to chew food strongly and you don’t have to limit or restrict what you eat, your speech will be clearer and they are very easy to maintain and look after. They also last for many, many years, so once you’ve got through the treatment process, you’re set for life with a stunning new smile and all the functionality of strong natural teeth.

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