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Mar 2nd, 2015 Tips for Children’s Dental Care This Easter Get in touch

293756_blogEaster is a time for bank holidays and family time and while many of us look forward to lazy lie-ins and indulging in decorative chocolate eggs, this time of year is not such great news for our teeth. With the Easter holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect time to book your child’s dental check-up and find out about some healthy eating tips to ensure your children don’t spend their holidays nursing a toothache.

Children’s dental check-ups

Check-ups are essential for children and adults and we are happy to offer family appointments as well as individual check-ups for children. The sooner children go to the dentist once their teeth start to develop, the better. Regular check-ups allow us to keep an eye on the development of the teeth and spot any warning signs of decay as early as possible. Dental checks are quick and painless and our amazing dentists go out of their way to reassure children and make every dental appointment fun.

Healthy eating tips for the Easter break

Most of us enjoy a chocolate treat from time to time and at Easter, we can tend to get a little carried away! With so much chocolate around in the shops, it can be hard to resist, but try your best to eat chocolate in moderation, as it contains a huge amount of sugar. If you’re treating the kids at Easter, why not treat them to a day out or a new toy, rather than a big stack of eggs?

One of the most dangerous aspects of Easter indulgence is grazing. When you munch chocolate bars and eggs all day, this means that your teeth are under constant attack, as the enamel is temporarily softened by acids when you eat. Try to eat at mealtimes only and avoid brushing your teeth straight after eating sweets or chocolates.

If you have any questions about healthy eating for children or you’d like to book a dental check for your child, call us today and we’ll be happy to help!

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