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Jan 9th, 2010 Tips on Taking Good Care of your Teeth by a City of London dentist Get in touch

Oral hygiene is one thing, but most of the damage we cause to our teeth is via the food we eat, smoking and drinking. Wine can taint the colour of the teeth, especially red wine which contains tannic acid. Foods with too much sugar, bad sugar and artificial sweeteners come next, with smoking and the use of products such as chewing tobacco. We tend to think that if we indulge in bad habits the dentist can fix the problem later on; this isn’t just silly thinking, but an expensive attitude to modern life. It’s so much easier to take a look at those labels on the products we buy, they are there for our good and we should heed their wisdom. Fish, chicken, fresh fruit, vegetables and natural products are not just good for our body, but for our teeth as well. We are born with the ability to grow two sets of teeth; we shouldn’t waste that gift for the sake of a few modern indulgences. Smoking is a big cause of cancer related diseases, but it also causes gum disease, mouth cancer and teeth problems, all of which are expensive to fix. A visit to your doctor is the first step to stopping this expensive habit. Visits to the dentist will be drastically cut, along with our outgoings if only we can get into a habit of good oral hygiene, which includes what we put into our mouths as well as how we keep it clean. A City of London dentist recently advocated this very relevant piece of common sense, “drinking water throughout the day and chewing our food properly will not also help to keep our teeth healthy, but our bank balances as well with a lot less visits to the dental surgery”.

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