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Apr 2nd, 2010 Tips on Taking Good Care of your Teeth by a West London dentist Get in touch

Taking care of your teeth will reap its own rewards, says a West London Dentist. Not only will it save you money on dental visits, but also the time and worry involved when we have a dental problem. If you are not familiar with a good oral hygiene program then get some advice and a leaflet from your local dentist, you should be seeing your dentist every 6 months for a check up and a tartar clean up anyway. Brushing is a big cause of concern for many dentists, many have expressed surprise that their patients have little or no idea on how to brush correctly, for the right amount of time and with the correct brush, but advice is available at all surgeries. Next comes flossing as a concern, many people don’t floss at all or simply go through the process with impunity, if you don’t do it properly it won’t work. Just having a quick rinse around in the morning and last thing at night will see you having constant visits to the dentist. The best tip is to speak to your dental surgery hygiene nurse, and then take it from there. Bad breath will disappear and you will notice a better and whiter smile. Start off the regime with a rinse, this will loosen most of the night time debris, next floss in between every tooth. Then brush using either an electric brush or a recommended hand brush. Brush up and down and in a circular fashion, remember to spend a little time getting in between the teeth as you pass over them, do the back of the teeth as well. Then floss again to make sure you get any bits left over. During the day drink 4 litres of water in small amounts, but constantly. Always floss the teeth again after each meal or snack, and brush if you can.

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