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Aug 16th, 2013 Titillating Tips For Top Teeth In West London Get in touch

361951_blogYour teeth are a very valuable asset to you, but they can take a lot of work to look after and to retain a beautiful sheen, you need to put in the effort. You must try to watch what you put in your mouth; nicotine, alcohol and certain foods will over time diminish the gloss of the enamel, plus keeping up a good balanced diet will also keep the enamel strong. Cleaning them regularly is a good way to get around this and using a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash will help strengthen the enamel of your teeth. Once you have done all you can at home, your dentist in west London will do the rest every time you go in for a check-up. If your teeth do start to fade, you shouldn’t be afraid to opt for a little cosmetic work to put the glamour back in your smile. You can buy some very subtle whitening toothpaste that will have you up and running in a few days, or you can go for some bleaching in order to whiten the enamel of your teeth- and you won’t be doing any damage either. Your smile is important to you, so look after it.

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