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Apr 16th, 2013 TMJ in West London Get in touch

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your mouth, and without knowing it you can find yourself in trouble very quickly. One of the rules of dentistry is to try to protect the jaws at all costs through everything dentists have at their disposal: the fitting of crowns, orthodontic treatments and the replacement of teeth; all of these are designed to protect those tiny things that join the bottom jaw to the rest of your head- the temporomandibular joints or TMJ. These delicate little things go through a lot of work during the average day, but they don’t need to be attacked by is extra work, such as teeth grinding and once they become damaged, it will take a lot of work to repair them. Pressure on these joints can also lead to some serious complications in the head, neck and upper back. If your jaws start to click or ache all of the time, then pay a visit to your dentist to see what you can get done. If your TMJ condition is bad, then you will need some surgery to bring you back from the brink. But if you need anymore convincing, considering that the work your jaw-joints do every day, they are the size of peanuts and so you need to look after them, and then they will look after you.


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