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Nov 28th, 2012 TMJ in West London Get in touch

The temporomandibular joint….yes, that’s the joint, surrounded by muscle that joins the bottom jaw to the top jaw, or TMJ for short, though this abbreviation is often attached to problems with this joint. If you sit down and take a look at it, it’s so fragile considering the work it has to do throughout your life: okay, it’s designed to take the eating in flash restaurants and all the colourful gossip that people get up to in west London. But it is when extra stress is placed upon it that this joint can become fragile and fail, and you’ll soon know when things are going wrong. Playing sports can put your jaws at risk unless you protect it, but the most terrible damage that can be inflicted upon it comes from the threat of teeth grinding. When the TMJ is damaged, it will first start to click and your jaws will ache. More worryingly, this can lead to head aches and tinnitus, and then cause damage in your neck and back. Depending on how much damage has been done, it can take some pretty serious surgery to put things right again. No-one is saying that you should stop being outrageous in the sports you play or what you do in your life, but if you are aware how important this joint is to you, you may take precautions from damaging it in the future…TLC to the TMJ will go a long way.

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