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Sep 21st, 2011 Tooth and Gum Disease- the fight goes on in West London Get in touch

One single problem in the mouth can often start a domino effect in the mouth, kick starting other problems. Tooth decay and gum disease are just two of the conditions that just love to party around west London. It has been said a thousand times before but the two catalysts that start everything off is the lack of oral hygiene that then feeds into the build up of plaque. In time, and if you skip dental dates, plaque will turn to tartar around the teeth where the gums meet. This will invariably infect the gums and the teeth alike; but it’s not the only issue that can cause gum disease. The problem has been linked with poor lifestyle, diet and stress which breaks down the body’s immune system leaving the mouth dry and this is what gum disease thrives on as well. Gum disease is treatable as long as the jaw itself has not become infected. It may take some serious work at the dentist or maybe just a shake up in your everyday routine and how you look after your teeth, changing the products you use, incorporating herbal remedies into your ways, but it can be stopped in its tracks. Tooth disease can also be treated by your dentist with fillings and root canal or root cleansing, but if you want to save your teeth and your body too, you have to wise up to the dangers, for gum disease can cause heart failure in the long run.

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