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Sep 28th, 2017 Top Tips for Avoiding “Prosecco Smile” Get in touch

If you read the news or you catch a broadcast from time to time, you may have seen headlines about the damaging dental impact of Prosecco, one of the nation’s favourite summer beverages. If you’re a Prosecco drinker, and you’re desperate to keep your teeth in check, it may be time to consider the impact of drinking your favourite tipple.

What are the dangers of drinking Prosecco?

Recently, dentists took to the press to warn of the dangers of a Prosecco smile, but what’s so bad about drinking Prosecco and how can you avoid a Prosecco smile?

Prosecco was recently described by the British Dental Association’s scientific adviser as a “triple whammy” for the teeth. This is because Prosecco is acidic, it contains sugar and it’s also fizzy. The carbonation process increases acidity and sugary and acidic foods increase the risk of enamel erosion. Once the enamel is worn, there’s a high risk of cavities and sensitivity. It’s particularly dangerous to drink Prosecco between meals. If you eat and drink sugary and acidic foods and drinks throughout the day, this means that your teeth are under constant acid attack, as bacteria release acids when they feed.

Avoiding a Prosecco smile

Most of us want to keep our smiles looking fantastic for as long as possible. If you are worried about the impact of drinking Prosecco, you don’t have to give it up completely, but it is a good idea to moderate your intake, to have a glass with a main meal and to drink a glass of water afterwards. It’s also wise to use a straw and avoid swilling the liquid around your mouth, as this can reduce contact between the acidic liquid and your tooth enamel.

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