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Aug 21st, 2013 Top Tips For Bad Breath In West London Get in touch

297243_blogBad breath isn’t the nicest of things to end up with for a whole load of reasons- where do you want to start? Well to begin with, you’ll end up being ‘Billy no-mates’ and walking around west London on your own; you won’t be exactly the hottest thing on the menu at work either. This condition has even more sinister implications though because something that smells bad means that something is rotting and wrong somewhere inside you; it could be oral or gastric, but you need to get on the case fast. Talk to your dentist, as it could be that you are suffering from tooth decay and gum disease. Think about your lifestyle too- do you smoke, drink and have a bad diet? If so change it. Improve your oral hygiene and get some herbal remedies involved; ensure your mouth is fresh, drink lots of water and help your saliva levels by chewing on sugar free gum- and please lay off products with lots of caffeine in them, because this will only dry your mouth out. It can be beaten but you will have to give it a good fight in return and remember, if you do beat this, you could find yourself talking to people once again- and with promotion at work!

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