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Feb 24th, 2015 Transform Your Complexion This Spring With Dermal Fillers Get in touch

beauty-servicesSpring will soon be in the air and the afternoons are getting lighter and brighter by the day, so what better time to start getting your skin ready for the warmer months with a facial rejuvenation treatment?

Our non-invasive dermal filler treatments are the perfect tonic for dull, ageing skin and they can transform your complexion in just a single session.

About filler treatment

Fillers are a non-surgical treatment, which are used to boost the radiance of the skin and create a younger looking, smoother complexion. As you age, the collagen supplies, which are responsible for firmness, decrease and this can leave the skin lacking vibrancy and bounce. Fillers help to restore the natural plumpness and fullness of young skin and they can also be used to enhance and define the cheekbones, jaw line and lips.

What does treatment involve?

Filler treatment involves a simple treatment process and sessions usually last around 20 minutes. Before you have treatment, you will have a consultation to plan your treatment; our experienced practitioner will have a look at your skin and chat to you about the areas of the face you wish to treat. They will then explain how treatment works and what you can expect during and after the procedure.

When you have your treatment, a small amount of filler will be injected into areas of the skin using an ultra-fine needle. Treatment isn’t painful and you won’t need to arrange time off work after your session. The results of filler treatment last up to 9 months, but if you wish to prolong the effects, you can repeat treatment in the future.

If you’d like to find out more about filler treatment or Botox in London, don’t hesitate to give us a call and book your free consultation.

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