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Everybody wants healthy white teeth but there are many factors that mean that our teeth are not quite the brilliant white that we hoped for. The two real causes of tooth discolouration are due to lifestyle choices and environmental factors.

Lifestyle choices that affect the colour of your teeth are fairly wide ranging and include what things you decide to eat and drink. Drinking coffee and tea and other drinks such as wine and colas can all stain your teeth if drunk regularly. Certain starchy foods such as potatoes and apples can also cause long-term discolouration.

Fairly obviously smoking, or the use of any kind of tobacco products can cause discolouration as well as other associated dental health problems. Smoking is obviously a habit that everyone who does it could afford to cut back, but even small changes like drinking less tea could delay the effects of discolouration.

Poor dental hygiene like brushing and flossing inadequately or infrequently can lead to the build up of plaque. Plaque is a filmy substance of bacteria and other food detritus which if left untreated can turn into tartar. Tartar is a very porous substance which soaks up materials that are likely to stain, like coffee. A visit to a dental hygienist every six months should help to remove plaque and tartar. But it is important to stay on top of the cleaning process as it really is crucial in maintaining clean and healthy teeth.

Some medication and diseases can also lead to teeth losing their colour. Treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy can affect the enamel and dentin on the surfaces of teeth causing some discolouration and staining.

Certain antibiotics can cause the staining of teeth in young children, especially when they are still developing. Some mouthwashes can have the same effect so it is always important to ask your London W1 dentist. Your dentist can also offer helpful advice on which products and medicines will lessen the impact of discolouration.

There are, however, some environmental factors over which you can have no control. Geographically, some regions have a higher content of fluoride in the water which can lead to discolouration of teeth. Teeth are also naturally inclined to lose their natural colour over time. So as you get older, your teeth will look less white.

Remember though, the real secret to keeping your teeth white and preventing discolouration is regular brushing, a healthy lifestyle and regular dental check-ups.

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