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Apr 24th, 2012 Treating Gingivitis in West London for Healthier Smiles Get in touch

3268322_blogGingivitis is one of the common causes of gum disease. It is the inflammation of the gums around the teeth and if left untreated the gum can recede and cause damage to the teeth or permanent loss of teeth is highly likely.

The cause of gingivitis is primarily plaque and bacteria that has built up between the teeth. However, this is not the only cause, as many people have plaque on their teeth but do not develop the condition. Those at higher risk of developing gingivitis are people who have underlying health conditions that can weaken the immune system. Conditions such as diabetes, HIV and leukaemia can increase the risk, as can some medication.

The symptoms include red, swollen painful gums that may bleed when the teeth are brushed and bad breath is another common symptom. If you suspect you are someone who is suffering from this condition it is important to seek advice from your west London dentist as soon as possible.

The earlier this condition is caught the easier it is to treat. In most early cases the combination of regular visits to the dentist and a good oral hygiene routine at home will suffice in treating and preventing further bouts. Prevention is better than cure, which is why oral hygiene is so important.

If the case is severe a course of antibiotics may be required. This will be used in conjunction with a professional cleaning of the teeth and advice on how to properly clean and remove plaque at home. If left untreated surgical repair may be required, as the gums may have receded too far and the risk of tooth loss has increased.

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