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Apr 5th, 2012 Treating Tooth Pain and Creating Healthier Smiles In London W1 Get in touch

3520145_blogTooth pain can cause lot of discomfort and can seriously reduce your productivity at work. If you are suffering from tooth pain, you must book an appointment with a London W1 dentist sooner rather than later. The dentist will find the cause of pain and will give you the appropriate treatment.

The main reason for toothache is a dental cavity, which affects the tooth’s outer layers. It is caused when the saliva reacts with sugar or carbohydrates in the mouth to form an acid, which softens the enamel. The pulp at the centre of the tooth is a living organism and when the cavity extends to the pulp, food particles hot or cold can cause pain.

Another common cause of tooth pain is gum disease. This refers to the irritation of soft tissue surrounding the tooth and the loss of bone that holds the teeth in place. Bacteria or plaque gets accumulated under the rim of the gums, which is not easy to clean unless done by a professional. Bleeding is the first sign followed by pain, which indicates an advanced infection.

Tooth root sensitivity is another cause of tooth pain. Tooth sensitivity is caused by bacterial toxins that dissolve the bone and expose the root, which becomes extremely sensitive to hot and cold stimulus. A chipped or cracked tooth can also cause pain, even without the presence of any infection. Using the damaged area to bite or chew causes intense pain. Toothache can also be brought on by injury, arthritis or jaw muscle fatigue. It can also be caused when the tooth does not come out but stays under the gums. This is known as impaction.

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