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May 9th, 2012 Treating Tooth Pain in London W1 Get in touch

Tooth pain can be tedious and halt you in your tracks as you go about your day in London W1 and there are many causes of the problem; in all situations however, it can cause you discomfort and so you need to get it checked out by your dentist as soon as you can to avoid the problem escalating. One of the biggest contributors behind tooth pain is poor hygiene; problems multiply fast in the mouth and before you know it, you could be facing tooth decay, the most common form of tooth pain in the mouth and could even cause more pain should an abscess form- only a filling or root canal treatment can stop the agony from continuing. Another common cause is teeth grinding, an issue that normally comes from stress during the day and the constant clenching and grinding of the teeth can cause the teeth to ache- this should be rectified as soon as it is identified, for this can do untold damage to you head and neck. Recession of the gums from disease can start to make the roots of the teeth susceptible to temperature change, promoting shooting pains throughout the teeth- recovering from this can be quite complex depending how advanced the issue is; better oral hygiene and herbal remedies may save the day but if it is bad, the gums may require deep cleaning or at worst, you may need tissue grafting. Tooth eruption such as wisdom teeth can be freakishly painful until they finally break through the gums as can chipped or cracked teeth. In all cases, you can take painkillers or use soothing gels to dampen the pain until you can get diagnosed and helped by your dentist.

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