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May 30th, 2016 Treatment for Terrible Tooth Injuries Get in touch

4652780_blogFirst and foremost, don’t panic! Should a tooth be fractured, knocked out or forced from its original position, the best thing you can do is get yourself over to your dentist as quickly as possible. Here are some guides on what to do in emergency situations prior to seeing your dentist.

Your tooth has been knocked out

Firstly, try and find it. If you can’t, there are plenty of alternatives available. If you can find the tooth, gently rinse so as to remove any dirt and then put it between your gum and cheek.  Putting it back in its original slot may seem logical, but avoid this as you may cause further damage! If you are unable to keep your tooth between your gum and cheek, cover it in a clean cloth and place the cloth in a container full of milk. If you are able to make it to the practice roughly half an hour after it has been knocked out, then the tooth may be salvageable.

Minor fractures

This is really nothing to worry about. The fractured tooth can either be smoothed over by your dentist, restored via cosmetic bonding or simply left alone.

Moderate fractures

Provided your dental pulp (your tooth’s innards) has not been damaged, restoration via a crown will be possible. If the pulp has been breached, more serious treatment may be required.

Serious fractures

If this has arisen as a result of severe oral trauma, then there is a chance that you may also have experienced punctures, tears and lacerations to your lips, tongue or cheek. There is little you can do here regarding your teeth. If, however, your tongue has been lacerated, you can decrease the bleeding by putting your tongue into a forward position and then putting some strain on it with a cloth.

Moved out of position

If you can, try and realign the tooth with gentle finger pressure. Do not, however, pressure the tooth into its opening. Try to keep the tooth in position with a damp cloth and then contact the team at Aqua Dental Clinic in London pronto!

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