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Jun 18th, 2010 Two decades of beautiful teeth with porcelain veneers from Central London dentist Get in touch

There are many afflictions that can affect the appearance of the teeth. They can suffer from discolouration or staining, become damaged by a physical trauma resulting in chipped or cracked teeth or even become worn due to a natural weakness of enamel. All of these conditions and many others can adversely affect the way the teeth look causing self-confidence and emotional issues, not to mention a great deal of embarrassment.

However, there are many treatments in the world of cosmetic dentistry that allow Central London dentists to treat and improve the way the teeth look. One of the most successful of these is to use porcelain veneers. These are thin ceramic shells that cover the surface of the tooth, restoring not just the colour but also the size and shape of more attractive teeth.

Porcelain veneers are constructed for each individual’s teeth, often using the very latest dental technology. Modern veneers are so thin, often about the same width as a contact lens, which means they require little if any enamel removal prior to fixing them in the mouth. This had always been the slight drawback of veneers, that they involved the removal of otherwise healthy enamel but this is no longer the case.

Porcelain veneers are capable of producing some of the most emphatic and stunning results in cosmetic dentistry, completely changing the appearance of the teeth in as little as one afternoon. For patients suffering from conditions affecting their teeth, having a new set of veneers fitted could be the most significant decision they make for their emotional well-being. A good set of porcelain veneers will last up to twenty years of properly maintained, meaning you can enjoy healthy and attractive looking teeth for the best part of two decades.

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