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May 9th, 2009 Understanding Dentistry and Sports in Central London Get in touch

The ultimate goal in sports is not just to win but to win without any injury. Adequate preparation and training are key elements in minimizing or preventing injuries in sports. Dentistry in Central London plays a role in the goal to help prevent sports injuries.
Popularly known as sports dentistry, this field aims to prevent and provide treatment to oral/facial trauma that may occur during sporting activities. Statistics showed that dental injury is the most common oral/facial injury an individual may sustain during sports participation. Several ways to prevent oral/facial trauma include:
• Teaching the right skills, including tackling technique
• Buying the right sports equipment
• Regular maintenance of sports equipment
• Providing safe playing areas
• Wearing of properly fitted sports protective equipment such as mouthguards
Central London dentists provide treatment of simple or complex oral/facial injuries, not just at their dental office but also at the site of the sports activity, such as rugby or football field or basketball court.
Prevention of sports injuries, particularly dental injuries, starts at preseason training and preparation. Screenings and examinations should be done to prevent dental injuries. Dental injury prevention examinations should include the following:
• Health histories
• Diagnosis of caries
• At risk dentitions
• Loose teeth
• Maxilla/mandibular relationships
• Crown work
• Bridge work

• Dental habits
• Artificial teeth
• Missing teeth
In the event that a tooth extraction is needed, it should be done months before playing competitive sports so as not to cause complications and interfere with the game.

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