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Aug 15th, 2013 Understanding Reversible Pulpitis In The City Of London Get in touch

585986_blogThere is a good chance that many of you in the city of London have never heard of reversible pulpitis, but you will know soon enough if you are suffering from this delicate condition. Inside your tooth is the pulp and as long as it is clean and healthy, so will your tooth be. However, unless you look after your teeth with a good practise of oral hygiene, the plaque that is always threatening your mouth can lead to cavities if it gets a chance; you are now at the early stages of tooth decay and if you are not careful, the decay will eat through the enamel and then get inside, and before long, your pulp will become infected. Your tooth will start to throb and it won’t take to well to being touched or exposed to hot and cold temperatures; you will get shooting pains every time this happens and it means the pulp inside is inflamed. You need to act fast and get to your dentist to have the decay stopped, maybe with a filling. This will remove the decay; and then after, the pulp inside will be able to return to normal. If it goes any further though, then the pulp will need to be removed altogether with root canal treatment.

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