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Apr 22nd, 2011 Understanding Sleep Apnea and Heart Failure in the City of London Get in touch

The body is an extremely complex unit and it’s only now that we are beginning to appreciate that if a problem arises in a seemingly clandestine area, it can cause problems all over. The perfect example of this is the connection between the brain, mouth, lungs and heart. If one of these units breaks down, it can lead to the other three struggling to maintain the status quo. And some of the biggest dangers arise during sleeping. The brain regulates the breathing during sleep; this in turns regulates the heart rate. Then the process reverses itself, from the heart back to the brain. With sleep apnea, this system breaks down if there is a break in the link. This can be caused by heart disease, or a neurological problem in the nervous system. These can still function as long as the air waves are open to the lungs. Most dentists will recommend mouth guards to ensure that this is kept free and snoring is reduced. Of course, if the other areas have problems, there is a breakdown in communication, resulting in breathing stopping for short periods of time that then makes the heart beat irregular and then panics the brain into sending signals back to the mouth lungs and heart. Consultations with dentists and sleep clinics can identify the extent of the condition and attempt to solve the problem; bear in mind that a lot of people die from this condition

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