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If you still imagine great big sets of false teeth sitting in a glass by the bed like you see in old movies when somebody says the word denture, you’ll probably be amazed when you see our modern dentures. Dentures have come on in leaps and bounds and they are completely different to their older counterparts. With modern dentures, you can enjoy confidence when you smile, safe in the knowledge that your denture looks incredibly lifelike and your smile looks great.

About dentures

Dentures are sets of prosthetic teeth and have been used to replace missing teeth for decades. Dentures can be used to replace entire arches of lost teeth or a much smaller number of teeth in the form of a partial denture, which is matched to the natural teeth for an aesthetically pleasing outcome. Dentures offer many benefits. They look natural so you can enjoy confidence when you smile and they are highly functional. You can enjoy a wide range of foods and your speech will be clear. Modern dentures are also really easy to look after and they provide a comfortable fit.

Denture treatment at Aqua Dental Spa

We use the finest quality materials to create stunningly lifelike dentures and every denture is custom-made for the client. We check dentures on a regular basis and are able to offer an expert repair service in the event that your denture needs some running repairs. We also check the fit and replace any dentures that have become loose.

The benefits of replacing missing teeth

Missing teeth can knock your confidence as they make the smile look less attractive and they can also have negative implications for your oral health. Gaps can cause the remaining teeth to start to slip out of position and they can also make teeth cleaning more difficult. This may increase the risk of decay and gum disease. Gaps can also affect the overall look of your face, as the teeth provide support for the cheeks and lips. They can also make it difficult to form certain sounds, which may have a negative effect on the clarity of your speech. If you have a large number of missing teeth, this can also make eating some types of food more difficult and it may therefore narrow the range of foods you eat and therefore affect your nutrition. Our dentures provide effective solutions for all these issues. To find out more, simply give us a call!



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