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Apr 5th, 2010 Using oral products makes bad breath worse – ask a Central London dentist why Get in touch

Bad breath is an embarrassment that we could all do without. One of the worst things about bad breath is that it is often hard to know if you are suffering. This can lead to that horrible moment when someone else has to tell you that your breath smells. The anxiety to avoid this cringe worthy moment at all costs, can lead many people to take measures to prevent it. But often this can lead people to make the wrong choices.

Many people use mouthwashes or breathe sprays and mints to try and combat the problem, without realising that this will do little more than mask the problem for a very short time and can even make the problem worse. In the US, the Food and Drug Administration conducted tests into the effectiveness of mouthwash and the results were very interesting. It was discovered that mouthwash did not stop the causes of bad breath but only masked the smell from anything between ten minutes and two hours before the smell came back. As a result mouthwash is no longer able to claim that it prevents bad breath in the United States. Similar results were discovered for breath mints and sprays.

In some further studies it has been found that mouthwash can actually make the problem worse as it disrupts the regulation of bacteria in the mouth. Millions if bacteria live in the human mouth in a delicate balance controlled by saliva. Mouthwash kills too many bacteria and changes the production of saliva meaning the bacteria can come back stronger and smellier.

The only way to really prevent bad breath is to make sure you are cleaning your teeth with effective brushing and flossing everyday. Make an appointment with a Central London dentist to find out more about stopping bad breath.

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