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Apr 18th, 2012 Valplast Dentures are Improving Smiles in the City of London Get in touch

4717368_blogValplast dentures are unlike traditional rigid dentures, they are designed to incorporate some flexibility and movement. The flexibility of these dentures makes them easier to wear and much more comfortable. However, they are rarely used for a full set of dentures as they work best when there are still some existing teeth to provide support and stability.

The dentures can be made in a range of colours, which enables them to easily blend into the mouth. This makes them practically invisible to other people and makes the wearer feel more confident about their appearance.

Valplast dentures are extremely flexible, durable and light and are sometimes referred to as soft dentures. They become even more flexible at body temperature, which allows them to flex and move more naturally as you speak and eat. Because they are made from a nylon resin they are unbreakable and come with a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee, however, only covers the pink section of the denture, not the teeth that are implanted into it.

Like normal teeth, they do require regular cleaning and good oral hygiene to make them last longer. They will need to be cleaned at least once a day to remove food particles and build up. In addition to this they will need to be soaked in a denture cleaning solution at least three times a week. When the dentures are not in use they will need to be stored in either a denture solution or water to keep them hydrated. Although you should avoid hot water as this can warp the dentures beyond repair.

If you have missing teeth speak to you city of London dentist about Valplast dentures to see if they would be suitable for you.

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