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Dental pain is most commonly associated with odontalgia (toothache) and is an aching pain in or around the area of the teeth and gums. In the majority of cases dental pains are caused by problems in the teeth or the jaw usually caused by, wisdom teeth, cracked teeth, cavities, gum diseases, or exposure of the inner part of the tooth or jaw. Toothaches can also be caused by a problem with the pulp, known as pulpitis, which sometimes is reversible however in some cases it isn’t. The irreversible pulpitis can be identified by the amount of time the pain lasts for, if it is constant it’s usually a bad sign. In most cases teeth which have become affected by irreversible pulpitis need to have a root canal or an extraction. There are however more obvious reasons for dental pains such as a fillings and veneers falling out, and dental decay. Sweet foods and drinks can also set off toothache and dental pains as they have a great deal of sugar which damages to the teeth. Most of the damages done to the teeth are because of bacteria in the mouth being allowed to get to extreme levels due to lack of care, which will eventually lead to toothache through as series of stages of decay. Avoid dental pain and visit a west London dental practice where all the treatment and prevention of toothache can be found.

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