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Feb 11th, 2019 Keep calm and visit Hatch End: The rise of tooth tourism Get in touch

Travel is cheaper than ever. While Brits increasingly look to capitalise on this by travelling to to destinations like Mexico, India, Pakistan and Thailand to save money on cosmetic treatments not available on the NHS, things tend to work the other way around when it comes to dentistry.

A recent influx of foreign travellers eager to make the most of the UK’s relatively cheap private dental care has earned the name ‘tooth tourism’. The fad is quickly becoming a main staple for pragmatic travellers wanting to bag bargain dental work while experiencing new sights, sounds and cultures.

It might sound like a quirky way to spend a precious vacation, but weigh up the benefits and it’s not hard to see why the option is so attractive.

The example of a US executive who recently visited Aqua Dental is a perfect case in point.

Instead of waiting out her jet-lag in the room of an unfamiliar Holiday Inn, she chose to do so in the comfort of our dentist’s chair, where she was treated to relaxing music and a hygiene treatment which would have been several times more expensive across the pond in her native Oregon.

Reduced access to health insurance benefits, along with the rising cost of health care, are just some of the reasons why Aqua Dental Clinic has seen more visitors from the US in recent years.

These tooth tourists often leave the clinic straight for London’s top tourist destinations or eateries, buoyed by having received treatment at a fraction of the usual cost – and seeing a little piece of England in the process!

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