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Dec 30th, 2019 Can a Dentist Cure Teeth Grinding? Get in touch

You don’t have to be a stress-head to be a serial grinder of teeth.

Many of us are guilty of this bad habit and a good proportion of grinders engage in the habit while sleeping, when even the most cast iron of wills is of no use.

Dental professionals refer to the problem as bruxism – and it can cause significant damage to teeth.

It can also undo your dentist’s handywork, quickly laying waste to crowns and other restorations which aren’t quite as hardy as real teeth.

For most of us, a little willpower and destressing is all it takes to be rid of the habit for good. 

But the committed grinder may need a little help – and that’s where your humble dentist steps in.

For in-sleep bruxism, a simple mouthguard could be enough to solve the problem. We may also recommend orthodontic treatment to reposition misaligned teeth and put a stop to the worst symptoms.

Grinding can also be caused by several non-dental factors. We may refer you a medical specialist or even recommend meditation to aleviate stress.  

Putting off getting help can cause all sorts of problems, from loss of enamel to more serious issues like jaw pain, headaches and even earache.

The lesson is clear: if you find yourself grinding your teeth more than usual, try to put an end to the habit before it causes problems. If you have a hard time kicking the habit, speak to your friendly dentist at Aqua Dental before grinding grinds you down! 

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