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Apr 3rd, 2014 W1 Kids In Need Of Oral Health Knowledge Get in touch

4196468_blogIn terms of oral health, the recipe for success is very simple and the sooner children learn good habits, the better. Tooth decay and gum disease are very common in the UK, but they are both preventable. We encourage parents to look out for their child’s oral health from a very early age and introduce their child to a dentist from the age of 12 months old.

Children’s oral health

Oral health is really important for patients of all ages, from tiny tots to senior citizens and prevention is always better than cure. For children, it is never too early to take steps to protect the teeth and gums. Youngsters should be encouraged to start holding a brush and cleaning their teeth as soon as they are able. Regular dental appointments enable young children to get used to going to the dentist and this makes them feel more comfortable at the surgery. We know it can be a daunting place for children with lots of unfamiliar sights and sounds.

The milk teeth are designed to fall out, but this doesn’t mean that children don’t need to take good care of their teeth. If the teeth are lost prematurely as a result of decay, this can cause problems for the adult teeth, as they may push through before they are ready. Good habits in childhood also reduce the risk of oral health diseases in the future.

Diet is another important factor for children’s health, as research shows that many children consume too much sugar. We advise parents to keep an eye on how much sugar their children consume and to be vigilant when it comes to buying ready-prepared food products, as many contain hidden sugars.

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