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Mar 5th, 2014 W1 London Invites You to Overcome Your Dental Phobia Fears Get in touch

2143132_blogDental phobia is one of the most common phobias and it’s easy to understand, as most of us feel at least a little anxious when we’re sat in the waiting room before a dental appointment. The worry is that some people have such a profound fear of going to the dentist that they put off seeing their dentist for a long period of time and this increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Fortunately, London dentists can help!

Treatments for nervous patients in London

Many dentists have advanced training and experience in treating nervous patients and they adapt their manner to suit the patient. Some people need a lot of reassurance, while others like clear explanations and your dentist will be able to help if you tell them that you suffer from dental phobia or anxiety.

There are also a host of treatments and devices available today to help patients to feel more confident and comfortable in the dental chair.


Sedation is a very popular option for nervous patients, as it makes the whole process of having dental treatment much less daunting. Sedation is not general anaesthetic and it does not make you lose consciousness; however, it does make you feel very relaxed and calm and you will not be able to feel pain. Most people also have very little recollection of the procedure after sedation.

The Wand

The Wand is a device, which is beneficial for patients who are anxious due to a fear of needles or injections. Often, patients are scared because they have had an injection in the past, which was painful. The Wand is a painless injection system, which eliminates the risk of painful injections caused by a sudden burst of fluid or the needle being pushed too quickly. The Wand resembles a pen and it is hooked up to a very small computer, which controls the speed of the flow of the anaesthetic to prevent pain. The Wand is suitable for adults and children.

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