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Aug 15th, 2011 Want a better looking smile? Get porcelain crowns from City of London dentists Get in touch

It is unfortunate when it happens, but teeth can get broken down in unforeseen circumstances. It might be the results of an accident, perhaps while playing a physical sport, or in some other way. The tooth that gets broken might be still functional, in which case the City of London dentist will not want to remove it. But it could be rather unsightly in the mouth, or even more exposed to things like cavity formation if the interior is exposed through the loss of a significant amount of enamel.

One solution to this is to get your dentist to cover it up with a porcelain crown. These handy devices improve the look of broken down teeth and also act as protection for the part of the tooth that is left over. Working with porcelain allows dentists to be precise and the results look great. Because porcelain is so adaptable, your dentist in the City of London will be able to make sure that the shade and even texture of the porcelain dental crown matches the surrounding teeth. Discretion is always the watchword when it comes to work like this.

New technology is also revolutionising the way that the fitting of porcelain dental crowns can be carried out. This is good news for patients who no longer have to wait a long time for their porcelain crowns and undergo repeated visits to the surgery. Digital x-rays have a big part to play in this. In order to properly fit the porcelain dental crown, dentists need to accurately assess the shape of the remainder of the tooth that will be worked with. Using digital x-rays allows the dentist to get three dimensional data, without having to wait for an x-ray from a lab.

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